Tennis Holiday Camp

Kids are placed into 1 of 4 different teams. Everyday the 4 teams compete at different tennis related games to achieve as many points as possible. These games are designed to stamina, speed and develop hand eye co-ordination. Stronger, more experienced players will compete at tennis matches and various other games that enhance tennis skills, all with the motivation to gain points for their respective teams.
On Friday the winning team receives a trophy.. 🙂

Camp Hours
9am to 9.15am – Teams Talk
9.15am – 10am – Games
10am – 5min Small break
10.05am to 11am – Games/Matches
11am to 11.45am – Big Break
11.45am to 12pm – Team points round up.
12pm to 12.50pm – Games/Matches
12.50 to 1pm – Final team Points round up.
1pm. End of day.

SKUN/A Category

25 - 29 March

R140 Per Day, R650 per week


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