Head Tennis Coach

Rikki Solomon

Rikki Lee Solomon

Qualified SATA Advanced Tennis Instructor

Tennis Experience

2007 & 2008 Head Tennis instructor at Glen Oaks Club, Long Island, New York

2009 & 2010 Head Tennis instructor at Tiger Tennis School, Holland Park London

2011 & 2012 Tennis instructor for BVTS at WPCC, Keurbroom, Cape Town

Key Tennis Interests

I pay special attention to beginners and intermediate level players. My goal is to give every new player or returning player an environment where they can enjoy the sport and hopefully use it as their stepping stone to bigger and greater things. Tennis is a great platform to gain confidence and believe in oneself.

Plumstead Tennis Courts

Tennis Camp


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  • Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • We work with the Red Ball (Stage 1) on a mini court environment. Kids gain confidence through hitting a softer and lighter ball. This also contributes to a better technique which must be attainted in order to prevent injury in later life.


  • Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • We work with green or orange ball (Stage 2 or Stage 3). Hopefully by now all technical flaws have been ironed out and we are able to increase the size of the court and have the kids playing on a bigger scale. We focus on footwork and positioning for maximum output on all shots.


  • Mondays
  • We teach from beginner right up to advanced. We have 2 flood light courts that we divide evenly depending on the numbers. Beginners will be given the opportunity to play with a Stage 1 ball in order to work on technique and confidence. Read More .

Take Your Tennis To the Next Level

  • Physical Fitness: Tennis is a physically demanding sport that can improve cardiovascular health, strength, agility, and flexibility. Regular practice during lessons can contribute to overall fitness.


  • Coordination and Motor Skills: Tennis requires precise hand-eye coordination, footwork, and timing. Regular practice helps improve these skills, which can translate to better performance in other sports and daily activities.

  • Healthy Competition: Tennis lessons often involve friendly competition with other players, which can motivate individuals to improve their skills and performance. Learning to compete in a sportsmanlike manner teaches valuable life lessons about resilience, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

  • Discipline and Focus: Tennis requires discipline and focus to improve technique and strategy. Learning from a coach during lessons encourages players to concentrate on specific skills and drills, fostering mental discipline and focus.

  • Cognitive Benefits: Tennis requires quick thinking, decision-making, and spatial awareness on the court. Engaging in tennis lessons can stimulate cognitive functions such as memory, problem-solving, and concentration.

  • Lifelong Enjoyment: Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age and skill level. Taking lessons as a beginner lays the foundation for a lifelong passion for the sport, providing opportunities for enjoyment, competition, and socialization throughout one’s life.

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